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Words of Power: Affirmations for loving your age, work & life

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WordsofPower_F_Cover_lrg_1.jpg“The call has come. We are living in a time of tremendous change, change that often feels overwhelming, even frightening. Our security — physical and financial — is being threatened like never before. Faced with so much instability, many of us have begun to look on the future with dread, to feel our experience and ability are no match for the forces of change. Yet in the midst of this uncertainty, we are being called to something greater. We are being given the opportunity to tap into the power of love within ourselves, rather than give ourselves over to circumstances beyond our control.

Releasing this dynamic power of love begins when we choose and speak words for loving our age, loving our work, and loving our life. Accessing and understanding this power expands our vision beyond what we have known, experienced, or believed to be possible. The dreams of the past are no longer viable. There is no going back.

The power of love is your foundation for change. Without love, you have no vision. Without love you have no inspiration. When your primary focus is survival, you limit your possibilities. You put yourself in a box. But when you love your age, love your work, and love your life, you step out of the box, stand up for your Self, and create new ways of responding to changing conditions and challenges. The power of love is the will to choose a new path. The power of love is the heart that ignites your passion. The power of love is the wisdom to redefine your age, your work, and your life.

So what does it look like to love your age, your work and your life?
Loving your age means recognizing that age is a state of consciousness, not a number. Age is simply a reflection of how you choose to think and act in the world. It means looking at major birthdays—the “big 0” birthdays—as starting points, rather than destinations, as moments to set your intentions to become proactive with your life and expand your vision. To love your age is to know that nothing can limit your heart’s capacity to give and receive love, or your openness to change. It is knowing that, from birth to death, you are free to express your unique talents and gifts. It is knowing that you are never too young or too old to be about the business of knowing who you are and why you’re here. As tennis star Martina Navratilova once said in an interview at the U.S. Tennis Open, “Age is overrated.”

Loving your work means expressing your spirit— what are uniquely your gifts and talents, your spark. It means being fully aware that the essence of who you are and the work you feel called to do are one.

When you love your work, you are clear about how your creative spirit is best expressed. You may be focused on a job, actively engaged in learning the principles of security, autonomy, and accountability. Or you may be setting long-term goals for a career, your sights set on experiencing fame, success and financial prosperity. Or you may already have mastered the principles of manifesting what you want and now are ready to give back your passion and joy. Loving your work means being fully engaged in whatever you are doing, flowing and glowing with anticipation and excitement. It means continually expanding the frontiers of learning, keeping mindful of nurturing yourself, and responding to the genuine needs of others. Loving your work means being turned on by what you do, enjoying the process of how you do it, and relishing in what you are able to accomplish and achieve.

Loving your life means choosing to be the choice‑maker, the creator of your life.  Instead of giving your power away— of having others give you your “lines,” write your script— you have the confidence to be the producer, director, and author of your own script. You fashion your role and choose the cast of characters. Every day is an opportunity to step on your movie set and direct the next scene. You take responsibility for the script, your performance, and the outcome. Loving your life means entering a field of unlimited possibilities, far beyond the limitations of your past beliefs and conditioning. Secure in this knowledge, you possess the map. You are able to draw to yourself the people and resources which support and empower your path. You have the faith that whatever you conceive, you can create, and you love your creation.

Words of Power as part of The Love~Wisdom Series ™ is designed for those who are ready to embrace change, and affirm enthusiastically, “I love my age, I love my work, I love my life!”

Words of Power is a collection of 60 affirmations and simple applications to guide you in replacing old, outdated definitions of age, work, and life with new definitions that inspire you to create a life of passion and purpose.

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