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Written Testimonials
Written TestimonialsSummary: Written Testimonials

“My special thanks to those of you who support The I AM Foundation in the many ways that you do. Remember, anything you do for this foundation you do for the children of this world."

–Jeff Goonewardena, Consul General of Sri Lanka and Senior Advisor to his Excellency, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Honorary Mayor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“You are a blessing to the children of this world.”
–Dr. Robert Schuller
"The I AM Foundation feels as I do, that we have a responsibility to give back and impact our next generation of future leaders.”
-LaDainian Tomlinson, #21 San Diego Chargers
"Dear Steve and The I AM Foundation, I send you many blessings for being a beneficial presence on the planet. Enclosed is our donation so Agape may glow as a Point of Light in your sky.”

-Dr. Michael Beckwith, Agape International
"The I AM Foundation is a huge blessing to the world.
I am honored to contribute to it, as I know the foundation helps millions of people  receive books and music that uplift them and bring more joy to their lives."
 -Alan Cohen, NY Times best-selling author
“Simple expressions of love move us to a higher place.
The I AM Foundation’s effect is profound.”

— James Redfield, NY Times best-selling author
 "The I AM Foundation benefits children and adults worldwide!"

-- Dr. Catherine Ponder, author of
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
"Strengthening our children and teens with life changing books is an outstanding contribution to our planet."

-- Neale Donald Walsch, NY Times 
Best Selling Author
"Jackie Chan applauds the  work you do and very much wanted to make his contribution which is enclosed."

-Willie Chan, President and CEO, Jackie Chan Group
“I want to thank you for your mission.  The children in my classroom were transformed by your visit.  They have not been able to put The I AM! Affirmation Book down! They absolutely love it.  Since your visit, the children are respecting themselves and each other. Creating a more peaceful environment allows me to do my job and teach.”  

-Rachel Donnelly, Teacher Arlington Elementary School , Jackson, TN 


Million Books For Kids Campaign Testimonials
"Two weeks after your visit, one of my students fell ill with unexplained liver failure and was life flighted to UCLA MedicalCenter. He underwent a liver transplant, donated by his mother, and was in a coma up until recently. His dad reads to him letters my class sent and daily affirmations from The I AM! Affirmation Book you gave him. He responds positively. I am happy to say he is conscious now and recovering. I am sure your book and our many prayers are contributing to his healing. Thank you for coming to visit when you did and join me in knowing Carlos's wholeness & complete recovery. I also had the children use their I AM books in class this morning to help them prepare for their SAT9 tests this week. It is so supportive!!! Thank you for your gifts to us. "
-Marjorie MacKenzie, 3rd grade teacher at Bay View Elementary School, San Diego, CA
Dear I AM Foundation,

 I am writing to thank you all so much for the wonderful book gifting ceremony on Saturday, July 26th, 2008 with Mayor Jim Wood.  It was truly marvelous to see the children and their parents listening to the speeches, especially the motivational portions, they were great, highly inspirational for all of us!
The 2000+ books you donated to us were a blessing, there were so many high quality books, the families will be enjoying these books for quite some time.  We are able to give the children a book to take home as part of the summer reading program thanks to your Foundation's generosity.  This is done at the Civic Center and Mission Branch as well as the two bookmobiles.  Some of the extra donated books will be given to the Wounded Warriors Center, as well as being distributed to the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library.
We truly appreciate all that you've done for the Oceanside Public Library, it's been a pleasure working with you and meeting you all was the icing on the cake!
Thanks again, the best of luck in the future,

Grace Francisco
Oceanside Public Library

"We received all the great books your group sent for the children affected by the hurricanes here in Houston that visited the Disaster Relief Center (FEMA). The children and parents will be so pleased! Thanks for allowing us to fulfill a small part of your Million Books for Kids mission!"

 - Deborah Bradford, BA PE Family Resource Specialist Collaborative for Children, Houston, TX

Dear Lisa at Love Books and The I AM Foundation,

"I cannot begin to thank you for the "Love Books" you sent the students at Woolmarket Elementary. The kids were so excited when the boxes arrived and have had the best time selecting a book for themselves.

We are at Woolmarket Elementary which is a rural school close enough to Biloxi, MS to share their zip code. It is a Harrison County School. Our school neighborhood was really hit hard by Katrina and many of the kids lost homes and everything in them so the books were awesome! They were so excited when they arrived! I teach Gifted Ed so my kids got first pick and then spread the love - they had such fun doing that too! You have no idea how special they were. Only 65% of the kids returned and even they are in and out depending on the availability of FEMA trailers and temporary housing.

Some of the books had names and addresses in them - the teachers assured me they would make sure the kids get a letter. I am trusting them on that one.

Things are happening but the devastation is so vast that it is hard to realize unless one actually sits down and thinks where we were two months ago and where we are today. It is going to take a long, long time before things are noticeably better. Wal-Mart is pretty much all that is open even McDonalds has a limited menu - no McFlurries!! Libraries were destroyed or damaged so the books were wonderful!

People have been so overwhelmingly, unbelievably kind. Your prayers certainly help to make it bearable."

Shirley H.
Woolmarket Elementary

“Books are special! We all believe in the power of books to teach, entertain, and inspire. We can't imagine a world without books, but we saw this on our TVs for two weeks in early September. As the Gulf Coast digs out and its residents are relocated across the country, and now after Rita creating even more havoc, the need for books back in the lives of children and adults is greater than ever."
- Scott Flora Executive Director SPAN (Small Publishers Association of North America)

Dear Steve,
"You are entirely welcome, and I have to thank YOU for organizing this great idea. For a person who loves books and relies on them every day, I am totally in favor of this wonderful way to help these kids. You are doing a great thing. I sent out a version of your request to my email network this morning, so maybe you'll get some more donations from that."

All the best, Carol M.

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