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Global Social Entrepreneur Training

Self-esteem, Resilience and Social Entrepreneur Training


It is difficult to imagine what the life of an orphan is like-a world with very few possibilities. Imagine never receiving a hug from a mother or father… imagine not having a place to call “home." ...Now imagine that soon you’re going to “age out” of having a roof over your head and food to eat. Where do you go? What do you do? How do you even begin to support yourself?

The I AM Foundation is addressing this issue by creating a bridge for orphans to safely cross over. And, then enter a world where they have hope and the possibility of creating a better future. Through the I AM Curriculum and social entrepreneur training, we are supporting self-esteem education, resiliency training and building life-skills for life. We believe that social entrepreneurism is one of the most powerful ways to aleviate poverty, violence and suffering.

"When a woman gets a dollar in her hands, 90% of it goes to her family." ~ Melinda Gates

Honduras Pilot Project

In November, 2015 we successfully completed a 3-month pilot project in Honduras. Now we are looking to expand our program to a year-long program as well as spread our work across the globe. You may be asking why did we begin in Honduras? Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is the poorest country in Central America and with 68% of the population living in poverty, Honduras also has the highest crime rate in the world while mal-nourishment is a huge issue. With all the country's challenges, we figured if we could make our pilot program work in Honduras then we knew we’d have a strong model to duplicate all over the world.IMG_3482.JPG

During the 3-month pilot, we’ve seen girls who first cried at the thought of coming to our class because they had such low-self esteem, in a very short time, be excited and have anticipation in learning a skill and then begin to bloom like flowers. Girls that quit school have agreed to go back. Girls who did not know they could create a different future for themselves, have started talkng about wanting to be a lawyer, a doctor a dancer...

Your donation means we’ll be able to continue our work with orphans and abused children in Honduras and spread this work around the globe.

Project Description:

Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Centro Integral Orphanage, currently housing 31 girls (ages 1 year to 19 years old.) and one boy.

 This opportunity landed in our laps when we visited the orphanage and saw the needs and opportunities available to empower and train these orphan girls in self-esteem building and social entrepreneurship.


Age group: 10-19 years old girls (the 10 year old insisted on participating)


1. Fourteen girls ages 12-19 and 2 trainers ages 21 and 28 are being trained on building self-esteem, resilience and social entrepreneurship skills. They are being trained in jewelry making in order to empower them for their future. Through the jewelry making training they will learn business skills, marketing and how to create and manage an income stream as well as how to give-back by supporting their community through their own business.


Additionally, two women are being trained to be TOT trainers (trainers of trainers) in order to create a multiplier effect by empowering other trainers in other orphanages/communities around the world where I Am Foundation expands its work.


2. A Pre and post-test surveys: one on self-esteem/self-worth and the other on entrepreneurship will be administered at the start of the project and upon completion.

3. The 3-month pilot project was a huge success. In November of 2015, the I AM Foundation decided to continue the Social Entrepreneur training with the 14 girls in the orphanage. Upon completion of the one-year training program the participants will receive a I AM Foundation Social Entrepreneur Training - Certificate of Completion.



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