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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) About The I AM Foundation

What is The I AM Foundation?
The I AM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit whose mission is to empower children of all ages to discover the value building self-worth and self-esteem through positive affirmations, self-resiliency and social entrepreneur training, creating a world where doing well - by doing good touches billions of lives. Our sponsors, supporters, donors, and volunteers assist us in cultivating and teaching self-love, promoting a clean earth, healthy bodies, financial literacy and self-sustainable living.

Who founded it and when? The I AM Foundation was co-founded on July 8th, 1998 by author Steve Viglione and Dr. Marilyn Powers Ph.D. These two beloved co-founders retired on December 12, 2013. The Foundation is now being led by Co-Founder and Executive Director, Sylva Dvorak, PhD. 

Founding Donor: The I AM Foundation had a generous founding donor in 1998, her name is Susan Shapiro. Susan was the key to getting us started and we are eternally grateful to her.  Susan continues her support of our work with her many Points of Light in the Points of Light Campaign. 
What books and music do you gift to children and adults? We have gifted and distributed over 1,200,000 books and products from The Love~Wisdom Series and products donated by community of authors, publishers and musicians. We print and gift our signature book, The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are in English and the language of the culture we are visiting.
Our newer children's titles, I Am the Earth! Positive Affirmations for Loving Our Planet is being gifted around the world. The I AM! Affirmation Book for Teens and Young Adults and I Am Healthy! Affirmations for Health and Well Being. We are planning to release I AM Abundant! in 2016.
Is there a religious affiliation with the organization? No, there is no religious affiliation. We honor and respect each individual’s personal spiritual path.
What is a Book Gifting Mission? A book gifting mission is when The I AM Foundation and its team visit a school or organization inside The United States or in another country. We print The I AM! Affirmation Book in the country in English and the language of the culture. We then gift the book and our program to the children and the teachers who we have prearranged to visit.  

How do you select the countries you go to?
 When we meet someone who is passionate about supporting a book gifting mission to a particular country, who is closely aligned in principles and values and can put the funding together, a mission is birthed.
Why does the foundation focus on affirmations for children?  The I AM Foundation stands for affirming the life and value of each child. We believe whatever a child says after the words I AM can affect their life positively and negatively.
How many schools and organizations are recipients at The I AM Foundation? Over 1,500 teachers, schools, church groups and organizations are part of The I AM Foundation's recipient program.   
What is your business model and how is The I AM Foundation funded? The I AM Foundation is funded by donations, the purchase of I AM books, sponsors both individual and corporate, grants, and our annual Points of Light Dinner. 
How can I help? You can help by volunteering, sponsoring a classroom or school, purchasing books, becoming an honorary Points of Light Donor, or by simply making a financial donation today!  If you have any questions, please call us at 619-297-7010 or email for more information.

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