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Book Gifting Missions around the Globe

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Philippines Cable Company Broadcasts
I AM Foundation Book Gifting to Kids


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Philippines Book Gifting Mission

Visiting Cuneta Elementary, Pasay City, Manila

Marnita Hadnot and I flew back from Ilocos Sur to Manila Wednesday night and stayed in a small hotel in Pasay City, one of Manila’s many small neighborhoods.  On Thursday, I commiserated with Sammy Pacibe, one of the hotel front desk managers.  When I told him I was seeking an elementary school nearby where I could visit and gift books, he immediately referred me to Cuneta Elementary, 5 minutes away, and even agreed to go with me.  He telephoned the school principal, Mrs. Amping, who invited us to come visit the next morning, Friday.

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Fuerte Elementary, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Wednesday afternoon on the ocean in Ilocos Sur, a northern province in the Philipines! What a beautiful day! The sun was shining with not a cloud in sight as we headed over to the Fuerte Elementary School with The I AM Affirmation Book. The small village of Caoayan is right on the ocean, and its narrow, one-way streets and homes hugging each other gave you a feeling of a close community.  Many of the village elders were sitting together as we drove through the neighborhood to the school grounds.  The first thing we saw was the cement statue of two dolphins pictured above.  The school was white and gleaming with ocean light.

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Salindeg Elementary School, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

You are with Leslie and Marnita and Haidee Cortez, our in-country host from Eagle Vision, Inc. as we are off again to another school in the northern Philippine province of Ilocos Sur, to gift The I AM! Affirmation Book! We arrived with film crew in tow and saw that this public school had a mural and a garden labeled, “Science Garden.”   The principal, Myrna Almero, greeted us and took us to the inner courtyard of the school, where there was another large covered patio.  It was a sunny day so the temperature at 2 p.m. was very high, about 32 celsius. As we walked to the patio area, the children began running out of their classrooms, across the lawn towards us.  They quickly assembled into loose groups and lines by class, and the teachers joined us.  They were so joyful and happy to see us, and very curious; most if not all have never seen someone from America.   As we introduced ourselves, the children were mindfully listening.  I began by sharing the purpose of our visit, showing them the photograph of me in the book from our gifting mission in Kenya.  It is a great story to tell about coming from the other side of the world just to bring them their very own book that contains the truths of their greatness.  I talked about how special every one of them is, so special that my friends from California wrote a book for them and sent us to give each of them a copy.  I described how many places we’ve been to give the books to children all over the world.

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The I AM Foundation visits Ilocos Sur, Philippines

The power of The I AM! Affirmation Book found its way to Ilocos Sur, a northern province in the Philippines, where I traveled with my friend Marnita Hadnot, hosted by Haidee Cortez from Eagle Vision, Inc., one of the Foundation’s partners in the Philippines.  This family-operated cable company is currently bringing broadband to the Philippines.  Marnita and I traveled with Haidee and her boyfriend, Henzon Estrada, by car from Manila, and arrived Sunday, November 14 about 11 a.m.  We could hardly sleep knowing we were going to visit two schools the next day in the nearby communities of San Vicente and Vigan City...

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Gifting The I AM! Affirmation Book at Sabang Elementary, Puerto Galera, Philippines


On Friday, November 12th, at 3:30 in the afternoon, we all boarded a jeepney to go to the Sabang Elementary School, in the vilage of Puerto Galera, Philippines.  With me was my brother Larry, my dive pals Amy, Mike, and Leah, and one of the divemasters from the Atlantis Dive Resort, Bala.  After a bumpy five minute ride through the village, we parked and walked under the white wrought iron sign, “Welcome, Sabang Elementary School.”  We were met by the head teacher, Rosa, who directed us through the school and down a stone stairway to a covered playground where we saw about 300 children assembled.  We were greeted by the beautiful sound of their voices in unison shouting out, “Good afternoon, Madam Leslie!”  The pupils were lined up by class, with the five-year-old first graders at one end and the 12-13-year old 6th graders at the other end.  After a few minutes of settling down, they became quiet and we introduced ourselves.  I then talked to the children about my friends, Steve Viglione and Marilyn Powers, and showed them the photo in The I AM! Affirmation Book. I showed them the deer on the cover and the many animals throughout the pages.  I told them about how Steve had written this book for them and for all the children in the world to tell them how special they are.  I told them they would each be receiving their very own copy of The I AM! Affirmation Book to keep, to take home and share with their families.

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Philippines Book Gifting Mission November 2010

When my friends called to see if I wanted to join them for a scuba diving trip to the Philippines in August, I never dreamed the invitation would evolve into this wonderful chance to gift The I AM! Affirmation Book in English and Tagalog to children in three different schools!  I immediately thought of the possibility but it wasn’t til I connected with Steve Viglione and Marilyn Powers that the idea started to become reality.

After the initial planning, there were two months of fund raising, talking with many people in both the US and the Philippines, and coordinating with a printer, school principals, and the dive company and dive resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines.  Steve was instrumental in locating a printer and fund raising for the mission, and we were able to print 2500 books in Manila.  I was able to get the support of Dolphin Scuba Center, Sacramento, whose owner, Mike Johnson, facilitated the planning of the book gifting at the village where the dive resort is.

We are here now, diving 4-5 times a day which doesnt leave a lot of time to post, but I wanted the world and The I AM Foundation supporters to know that The I AM Foundation is here in the Philippines and we are all excited about our first book gifting, this Friday, November 12, to 527 children and 15 teachers at the Sabang Elementary School in Puerto Galera…stay tuned!


3,000 Books Gifted to The Children of the 2009 Typhoons in the Philippines

2010 Update: With the help of The I AM Foundation's Points of Light Donors, The Bookman in San Diego and Hay House, The I AM Foundation provided over 3,000 books to the children and adults in the Philippine's.

From the President of the San Diego Classic Lions Club:

My name is Remy Deramos, President of the San Diego Classic Lions Club, a non-profit organization in California.  My husband Manuel Deramos and I would like to ask for your help and support in donating I AM! Affirmation Books to our project to the Philippines.  We are conducting an educational, nutritional, dental, vision and medical mission to the Philippines.  We are leaving the US on January 6, 2010 and will start our mission on January 11, 2010.

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