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Northern Mariana Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
From the Northern Mariana Islands (near Guam)
Dear Points of Light Donors,
Thanks to all of you and the wonderful I AM Foundation, 300 elementary school children on Tinian will have their very own copy of The I AM! Affirmation Book and their teachers will be able to follow the foundation’s plan for teaching them self-worth.  You have no idea how much this is needed here, on this tiny little island in the middle of the vast Pacific, where most adults have no jobs and most of those who do must slave away for the local minimum wage of only $3.50/hour, even though most everything here costs more than it does in the mainland US.
The Chamorro are a simple, peaceful people, who had their islands taken over by the Spanish, Germans, Japanese, Americans, in succession for centuries and who were taken away during WWII, only to be returned ten years later to the total devastation of their homes, livelihood and even their culture.  So, that is why the 'I Am!' book program is such a precious gift from all of you to the next generation here.  Thank you, each and every one!
And if any of you can spare any children's picture books or reference books for any age, such as dictionaries, how-to's, medical, health, cookbooks and such, you can do even more good for these so needy, so deserving people, who have no way to own books other than by what I can get donated from abroad and give to them.  You can see pictures of the free books and donation center somewhere on Steve's 'I Am!' site, in the near future.  
Thank you again and bless you all for your loving nature and generous spirit.
Love and hugs, maia    
Giving DOES good & FEELS good!

Maia's Helping-Hands Books & Donation Center
P.O. Box 474 
Tinian, MP 96952 
Steve and Marilyn say thank you too!

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