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Book Gifting Missions around the Globe

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Kenya, Africa
Kenya, Africa

Kenya, Africa

October 2008 Gifting Mission
Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya (October 8, 2008)
Galilee Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya
It is with deep and overwhelming compassion for the children of Nairobi, Kenya that we write to you today. Our first day here was gifting books in the slums of Nairobi at the Galilee Primary School where we gifted 600 of them to children. In spite of the squalor and filth, and the unsightly conditions the children live under, they were so receptive, loving, welcoming and friendly to us.  They each received their copy of The I AM! Affirmation Book and loved saying their affirmations out loud with us.
To build their literacy and self-esteem is their only hope for a better future. As our driver Paul, a native Kenyan, said, "Of course food and clean water are necessities, but it is only education that gives them the promise of a better future."  The I AM! Affirmation Book gives them words of power to build their self-confidence, to face their fears and embrace the positive aspects of themselves. It supports them in having the will to overcome obstacles in their little lives. 
The children really appreciated knowing that other kids around the world were reading this book too.  They lit up when we shared with them how every child is important and that we came all the way from America to remind them of how valuable, loved and priceless they are. And that there is one global village we live in, with us all being one. 
When we were leaving we saw them busily reading their brand new books. For most of them, this is the first time they had ever seen a full color story book, for most of them, this was their very first book to own and take home. 
When we arrived there were tears and shock at what we saw, when we left our hearts were filled with joy and love from the children. The shock transformed into love.
Once again to all of our Points of Lights, donors and supporters, to HUB, and especially to Holly Caufield who connected us to the Galilee school, the children thank you.
Signing out for now from Nairobi,
Steve and Marilyn

In October of 2008, The I AM Foundation and Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) worked together to gift 17,000 I AM! Affirmation Books, translated in Swahili and English, to children throughout Kenya. In addition to gifting books with The HUB Team, we installed a Rain Catcher to provide clean, fresh water for the children of The Olympic School. HUB feeds these 2,600 children twice a day, five days a week. Many of the kids go home on Friday and do not see a meal again until Monday at school.

Kenyan children at the Olympic School in the Kibera slums of Nairobi receive our books and program during our visit in October.  This is the first full color book most of these children have ever owned.

Special thanks to our Book Gifting Ambassador John Mugo of Embu, Eastern Kenya for donating 1,000 books to children in the following Kenyan schools:
    ▪    Katahambaiconi Primary School
    ▪    Ugweri Primary School
    ▪    Ndumari Primary School
    ▪    Kigaa Primary School

Leslie_Brown_Headshot.jpgLeslie K. Brown
Director of Field Operations and Training
Leslie was working as program coordinator for an orphanage and school for AIDS orphans in Nairobi, Kenya when she was asked to coordinate logistics for the distribution of The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering the Value of Who You Are to schools in Kenya. This experience has led her to The I AM Foundation, where she will be utilizing her experience in logistics, coordination, and leadership facilitating large-scale book gifting programs in Kenya and other countries around the world.

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