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Who needs a book in a time of a great crisis like Haiti?

When a time of great crisis arises in the world we can all agree that food, shelter, clean water and medical attention are of the utmost importance and timing is critical. And, at the same time, who is there to attend to the inner needs and the spirit of the people? Who is there to attend to the emotional needs of a child who just lost a parent or a sibling? Who is there to talk with a child who is sick or has been injured?
During Hurricane Katrina a nurse practitioner was alone in a hospital because no other doctors and nurses came to work. She was the only one with over 100 patients. This nurse clutched onto a little book that was gifted to her by an I AM Foundation volunteer. This little book gave her the emotional and spiritual strength to lift her in this time of great crisis and get her through what she called “the worst nightmare of her life.”
The I AM Foundation, a 501c3 educational non-profit, founded in 1998 has gifted hundreds of thousands of books after some of the worlds greatest disasters in the last five years: Hurricane’s Katrina and Wilma, The Tsunami in Sri Lanka, The Typhoon’s in the Philippine’s, the after affects of the war in Croatia and the tribal wars in Kenya.
Today, we stand by ready to help the children of Haiti by gifting them copies of our pocket size I AM book to support them in this time of great crisis. For every
$10.00 donation to The I AM Foundation, we will be placing four I AM books in the hands of children in Haiti. Click here to make a donation today or send a donation through paypal at

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