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GuamSummary: Book Gifting Event at Francisco Q. Sanchez Elementary School in Umatac, Guam, USA     by Lori Waller 

Lori, Janine and Sandra
On a recent business trip to Guam, I worked with Steve, Marilyn and The I AM Foundation to take some I AM! Affirmation Books with me on my journey. I was traveling there to propose the greenest option for waste disposal in the territory.
During my visit and tour around the island I stopped at The Francisco Q. Sanchez Elementary School in Umatac, Guam USA , in the southern most part of the island. I was greeted there by the Vice Principal, Sil Quinene  and the school secretary, Sandra Sanchez. Sandra’s niece Janine is one of the top students of the school and was there also. I had a brief conversation with Janine and gifted her and the school with copies of The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are.
Vice Principal Sil Quinene was grateful I brought the books all the way from San Diego, CA. He also mentioned that there were a couple of students that came to mind who could really benefit from the book . This was great as The I AM Foundation’s mission is to help them know and remember how beautiful they are and what a gift they are to our planet. Although the book was written for children, you can see that the affirmations are powerful even for adults.
I have been an active supporter of The I AM Foundation for several years and I was so looking forward to gifting the books. However, it was when I actually gave the books to the Vice Principal did I fully get the impact of gifting them to the children.  It truly is a rewarding experience to impact young lives and make a difference.
Are you traveling? Would you like to make an impact in the part of the world you are going to? Please visit and contact us for more information on how we can help you gift books to children especially those in need.

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